Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Beyonce Butt Shots- Bootylicious?

Ok, Shes got a big beautiful booty... An ass that is said to be the best on the globe...
Where are all the buttshots?
Not long ago Beyonce banned photographers from taking butt shots of her during her performances- apparently because she feels that her ass wont look so great with abit of sweat on it[get real]
but that still does explain why after afew hours of searching for Beyonce, Iv come up with only afew nice pics of her booty, but hardly the volume of ass pics that I had hoped to find.
Sexy tight pants? close ups? ya right. You would think that someone with a legendary body like hers would have alot more 'material' out there on the net, but I was honestly disappointed.
If anyone out there can direct me to a treasure trove of Beyonce butt pics , I would really appreciate it!

Now if there were more like the following pics, I wouldnt complain...

Well, at least that green pair of tights made me happy.

So booty fans, Beyonce fans.... go do some searching, and return with your findings!

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