Friday, 12 April 2013

The Chive - Hump Day, Yoga Pants - Mighty Fine ASS!

What the fck is The Chive? Dont care? Well you should- for one[or maybe two] reasons-
Its a site with lotsa cool stuff, but most importantly, they celebrate Hump Day every Wednesday by posting a whollota Hump Day Girls Booty pics.
Yes FINE ASS girls in thongs, tights etc etc.


Was that enough to grab yourself a towel? If not then, like they say on TV- 'but thats not all...

Look now and you'll receive...'

Yes- Yoga Pants- a marvellous invention[every man wil agree].
And with yoga pants go fine ass pics-
Tight pants, tight tights, tight assss... bending over for you to enjoy!

A field of beautiful ass- its harvest time boys!


An ass so fine, you'll have to take notes!

Self shot perfection
Who needs a face, when you've got an ass like that!
Til next time, Happy Bootyhunting, and enjoy The Chive
And dont forget to post links to this blog if you've enjoyed what you've seen!

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